General Questions:

What has changed with the new site?

There have been many behind the scenes the site more stable and you user experience more enjoyable. Visually, there have been minor changes to the website layout, and menu. Below are the aspects that have changed:

  • Favorites list has been changed to requisitions list
  • The top menu bar has been condensed to a drop down menu
  • Quick order can now handle multiple skus entered at the same time
  • For your security credit card information will need to be re-entered on the site
What happened to the favorites list?

The favorites list has now been moved to the requisitions list. The functionality is still the same, and you will be able to save your products of interest in the requisitions list, just as you had before with favorites.

The way we Sign-in ?

The New change with the upgrade is that going forward the customers will be able to login to their respective accounts from the particular website they are registered with. If the customers are registered with buylci they can sign in at our BuyLci website. If you are registered with the lcidistribution then you have to sign in at our LCI Distribution

How do I reset my password?

On the Sign-In page click “Forgot Your Password?” next to the Sign-In button. You will receive an email from the email address: Please check your spam folder for this particular email. You may need to contact your networking team to ensure that this email address is white-listed to receive future emails.

What internet browsers are compatible with the new site?

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Firefox are the preferred browsers to be used when interacting with LCIDIST for optimal performance. Internet Explorer is not recommended.


How do I add items to my requisitions list?

When clicking on an item, you will be prompted with the items information page. In the upper right hand side you will see a box with pricing, quantity, and an add to cart button. You will also see two small grey squares within the upper right of this box.

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Can anyone set up an account and order from this site?

This web site is intended for distributors, specifically resellers involved with the AbilityOne, formerly JWOD program.

If you are not a reseller, you are welcome to shop at our retail site

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How do I set up an account?

If you'd like to set up an account with us please fill out to our form. Apply for Account section.

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When will my order be received?

Orders placed Monday thru Friday will be shipped out within 48 hours and received within 2-4 days following shipment.

You will be notified of any back ordered item. Read more about our shipping policy here.

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Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum order, however, orders that are less than $75 will have a small order fee of $5.00 added to the order.

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What is your return policy?

Please refer to our policies page for information on returns, privacy, and security.

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I can't find an item I'm looking for. Can I suggest products?

Please send us your suggestions with as many details as possible. We'll be happy to investigate your suggestion and see if we can add it to our distribution centers. Please send suggestions to

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How many locations do you have?

We have two distribution centers, one in Durham, NC and one in Las Vegas, NV, allowing LCI Distribution Services to serve customers from coast to coast.

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How do I check the status of my order?

First Sign in using your user name and password → Go to My Account there you have two options to follow.

If you remember the date range of your order go to Search for Sales or Invoices by Date select Sales Orders → type in the Start Date (in MM/DD/YYYY) or select your date by clicking the small calendar icon. ≻ Then select the End date (same format) ≻ click Search ≻ you will now see a list of orders and view the status (either Open, Invoiced or Cancelled) ≻ you may select the one of choice to view more details about the order's status.

You can also find out the status of your order by Searching the Sales Order and Purchase Order Numbers. To do this, go to Search for Sales or Invoices by Number ≻ Select either Sales Order Number or Purchase Order Number ≻ you will now see a list of orders ≻ you may select the one of choice to view the order.

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Can I see the line detail of my order ?

Yes you can.

Once you searched for the order (as mentioned in How do I check the status of my order?) Click on the Sales order number field and you will be directed to the Sales Order Detail page. There you will see the line detail of your order.

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How do I track my order?

First search for the invoiced order using Search for Sales or Invoices by Number ≻ type in the invoice number you want to track ≻ you will now see the order status detail > click on the Invoice Number ≻ in the Sales Order Detail page under Shipment Information you will see links to the Tracking Numbers to click.

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I had built a cart, and left the website. When I reopened the site my cart was lost. Why was my cart lost?

Please be sure to build carts when signed into a user account. If you are not signed in to a user account your cart is at risk for being lost. If you do not already have a user account you can create one here.

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What is new with website?
  • New Search – We now have a new smart site search, which is not only more accurate, but: faster, offers recommendations, images, and shows popular products.
  • Faster site – site speed will constantly evolve, however, we have implemented extensive fixes and implementations to our website in order to bring faster loading times to our customers.
  • More item information – we have loaded a vast majority of our catalog with updated item information in order to better serve you in your purchase process.
  • Saved cart – you can now completely customize your carts for future use and save them.
  • New customer dashboard – loaded with customer friendly features to help you keep track of personal information, payments, products, and orders.
  • Full order history – You now have 100% access to 12 months order history.
  • Complete order tracking – full tracking of your order from placement to delivery. Direct links to your carriers, and automated email notifications sent right to your inbox.
  • Live order email notifications – automated emails for orders on every step of the tracking process.

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